Why We Started a Montessori Toy Store

Why We Started a Montessori Toy Store

Why We Started a Montessori Toy Store

We have experienced firsthand the benefits of Montessori toys. And we wanted to share that with other families. We know what it’s like to be parents in this day and age. So, we decided to start a Montessori toy store that helps children learn and grow through play. It has made such a difference for our family and we are sharing below how it all started. 

Our Story

At the age of 4, my son started experiencing high anxiety and an addiction to his iPad. As a first-time mom, I didn’t know too much about screen time and how it affected his social and emotional development. 

I noticed that he had no sense of imagination when it came to playing. I would give him toys to play with, but he would get bored and want to play on his iPad instead. This would also happen when he was with other kids. He did not know how to interact/ play with them. 

As a mom, I did not want this for my son. Something had to be done! So, I started searching for ways to develop his creativity and imagination. And that is when I came across Montessori toys. 

Why Montessori toys?

They are simple and easy to use—no batteries needed (which is a plus in my opinion). Montessori toys are also calming and do not overstimulate your kids like other toys that light up and play music. They focus on imaginative play, problem-solving, fine motor skills, and more. Other toys promote mindless play that does nothing for your child’s developmental growth. 

But I didn’t love the bright obnoxious colors or that they were potentially harmful to younger kids. 

So that’s when the idea to create a Montessori toy store came to mind. And after five years, Lytl Store was born. 

Lytl vs. other Montessori Toy Stores

We took the Montessori concept and created aesthetically pleasing, safe for all ages, and developmentally appropriate toys. For example, our Montessori toys are neutral colors so that you can use them as decor while leaving them out for easy access. 


Lytl’s Montessori toys are also made out of silicone instead of plastic which means they are 100% safe for children of all ages. Silicone does not contain harmful toxins such as BPA, BPS, petroleum, or phthalates. You do not have to worry about your 9-month-old crawling around and putting it in his/her mouth. Lately, so many children’s plates, spoons, and cups are made out of silicone. So, why not toys? You do not have to worry about your child getting hurt (from heavy wooden toys) or chewing on harmful plastic. 

Yes, we’ve thought of everything and created our Down-to-Earth collection with you and your family in mind! 

Lytl is our dream come true! Seeing what it has done for our son and his imagination, we knew we wanted to share it with other parents. We wanted to create toys that are developmental, fun, entertaining, and can be used in different ways! We know how hard it is, as parents, to find toys that do ALL of those things.

Until now… we know your children will love them as much as ours do!

You can shop our bestsellers here!

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